Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker, Hilariously Funny Joke Power Outlet Decals, Wall Outlet Decal Gag Is Great for April Fools Office Prank, Includes 10 Plug in Socket Stickers

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  • This fake wall plug sticker is a great practical joke for adults or even children. The socket decal looks like the real thing and is sure to fool just about anyone. Use it in the office, at home, work or even the airport as you have seen in videos.
  • Made of high grade sign vinyl that holds very strong, but comes off easy without leaving any messy residue or even sticker material behind. Other cheap fake electrical decals are printed on paper and rip apart trying to remove them, some can even leave damage, ours will not.
  • This high quality sticker prank is printed using only commercial grade equipment. We went with a matte finish to avoid the fake looking gloss you see on other stickers. You're better off drawing an outlet on the wall than using a gloss finish.
  • We have included a total of 10 stickers in the pack. They are cut to the exact size of a real power outlet face plate. With the easy to peel split backing, you can get in and out without anybody noticing, just like the prank ninja you are!
  • Beware of others that don't have a split backing, you might have to take out your magnifying glass just to get the sticker off the backing, and let's hope you don't ruin the corner of the decal. If that happens the jokes on you buddy! That won't happen with ours, just peel, apply then run and hide. All that's left is to sit back and enjoy the laughs!