Lover's Nest Handcrafted Tall Decorative Vase

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When the creator was walking through the woods one day in spring, she was attracted to the beautiful and joyful chirpings and saw two love birds building the nest with tiny twigs in its beak. The love permeated the air and inspired her to create this art piece.

The vase symbolizes a blossoming flower when it's still in blooming stage. The two birds on the top are nourishing the flower with love and care. The colors chosen for the flower are duller and splashed with bright colored crystals as a transformation from the nourishment of the birds. The colors chosen for the birds are shinny and vibrant to exude the positive aura.

The entire piece is hand painted meticulously to fully capture the essence of the piece. The eyes are also very beautifully finished.

The whole piece took 2 months to complete.

This is a decorative art piece. Not meant for actual water and flowers.

Made with fiberglass, accent with Austrian crystal

Approx. size: 9.5"x8.5"x15"

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