Semiclosed Cat Litter Box Large Space Anti Splash by LookingPets

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  • Competitive Price: $100 lower than our Amazon store for 2 weeks
  • When it is time to replace the waste, simply slide the tray out, discard it and replace it. The cat toilet is available in three modern colors that match the beautiful wooden feet
  • With a movable shovel, it can be cleaned without effort. The mix of the light pallet and its non-sticky plastic surface effectively separates the smelly air from your cute cats, enabling them comfortable all day, meanwhile, it then can be easily cleaned
  • This fashion kind of cat litter pot—with magnetic suckers—can magically cover your cat's litters. Comfortable, home-shaped, and round entrance, make it convenient for cats to go from and into their houses. One thing should be mentioned, it's easy for you to open up and clean as well
  • Make sure the cat litter box features innovative, grated steps on the interior to keep your kitty's dirty business confined within the box. Think of it as a built-in litter trapping mat and bid goodbye to frustrating litter tracks
  • Hidden storage grid, free shove, and movable litter plate. Size:604*457*385mm. Weight:8.8pounds. Targeted cats: weigh below 13pounds

Product Information: 

Size: 23.7 × 18 × 15.2 inches
Main material: PS

Installation Notes:
1, and remove the sand basin body on its side
2, with the wood screw hexagonal wrench tightening, please refer to the front section of wood, longboard after
Product establish ingenuity: Yan superior value, convenience shovel feces, semi-closed every foul, a relaxed shovel feces experience, careful design, let meow master more comfortable, let shovel feces official shovel feces easier

Take a look at our cat toilet range! Cats are particularly clean animals, so the litter box or the cat toilet takes a special place in the cat household

The round, modern design of the closed litter box fits perfectly in any living environment. And the controlled by the closed construction odors and reduces dust and dirt

Semi-enclosed Design
The cozy, hut-like design features a round entrance for cats to enter and exit through
The semi-enclosed design can not only alleviate the odor but also provide a fresh air environment for the cat to live in and make it more comfortable
Compact, Lightweight But With Big Interior Space

Here your cat can turn and turn anytime and bury its business to its heart's content, without scattering the litter on the floor